About Us

Our story

Maximus was a general in the ancient Rome who was driven on his way by his strength and honour. Today, he is more of a symbol, the embodiment of justice, virtue and honour. He inspired us and our team to open our doors to our guests with maximum strength, knowledge and endurance.

Why a steakhouse?

A dream of our own that inspired us to make it happen. We wanted to get away from the ordinary, because there is no restaurant in the area that would offer similar specialities. We knew that with a great team it would be possible. With a lot of learning and practice, we have managed to achieve the quality that we are proud to offer our guests. In addition, the proximity to the shores of Lake Balaton was also an inspiration. The restaurant can be easily reached by car or on foot to enjoy your food and drink in a relaxed atmosphere on the terrace overlooking the park or in the cosy indoor area.

From the shore of Lake Balaton

The restaurant is located close to the shore of Lake Balaton.


There is no other steak house like it in the area.

A super team

The team is always characterised by a good mood and perfectionism.


Reserve a table in advance so that we can offer you great gastronomic experience with our dishes/drinks!

Phone number
+36 20 537 6130